Multipurpose Organization for Training, Health, Education and Rehabitation


(Multipurpose Organization for Training, Health, Education & Rehabilitation) is a Not-For-Profit Organization, Registered under Karnataka State Societies Registration Act 1960 in Tumkur on 4.4.1995, Reg. No. Is SOC 1/ 95-96

Founder  Secretary : Mr. S H Veerabhaskar

Why he established the MOTHER in Sira ?
He is from a border village of Karnataka and knows very well what happens if basic needs of people are not fulfilled. He shifted from that village to Sira in 1980s. The situation was not good than that village. Tumkur District is having 10 Talukas, among them Pavagada & Sira Taluk are the backward areas. Sira comes under dry zone area where percentage of poverty and illiteracy is very high, leading people to struggle for livelihood. It was noticed that Education, Health & Sanitation, environment, Socio economic status, drinking water, afforestation, alcoholism and unemployment were the key issues to be focus on. 

He wanted to do something for his Taluk... His dreams emerged in the form of MOTHER.

Why the name MOTHER ?
The name indicates the Mother & Organization’s Vision....
1. What a Mother gives her children ?! knowledge, morals, courage, life....etc.. same should be fulfilled by the Organization..Hence the name is MOTHER
2. In what way it should empower the rural poor ? It should be for Multipurpose through Trainings, Health, Education & Rehabilitation... The combination of first letters of these purposes gave MOTHER.

Dare to dream – dare to try – Dare to fail – dare to success......

Even keeping the above issues, when MOTHER began, there was no clear vision of what role it would play in creating social equality at the village level. In first two years, just approached the villages to find the ways to get in and learnt that the community mobilization can be stepping stone to success. With errs and learns built rapport with people through small awareness programs and started grouping of women into Self Help groups.

Then got a clear picture of the dream and set the vision and mission for the MOTHER..

Milestones ...
In 1997, initiated promotion of self help groups (SHG) in Sira taluk. But it found difficult, whereas people had bad experience in savings and thrifts activities. Some of the persons collected the money and ran out from the villages.. Hence there was no red carpet in our way.. 

But we believed, that SHG is the only one effective strategy to reach people and to have good rapport with them. Hence made continuous visits to the same villages and conducted late night meetings to make them understand about MOTHER’s Vision and Mission.

After several visits and trainings they accepted and organized into SHGs. Further the bankers were not cooperating in opening of SHG accounts in their banks. After several discussions and meetings they accepted and permitted to open only one account per month with no loan facilities. You believe it or not... we took one year to form 10 SHGs (now, we are in a position to form 10 SHGs in a day)

The SHG which started very first is functioning till today.....

Afterwards started contacting departments and other agencies to get financial assistance to achieve our vision. 

Slowly picked up and got familiarized with villages. Took support from Department of Health, Women & Child, DIC and Nehru Yuva Kendra, Agriculture Department. With the assistance of these departments built awareness in the community on self employment, health & hygiene, SHG & Youth club promotion and subsidy programs.

In 1998, Zilla Panchayath (ZP), Tumkur offered MOTHER to promote and linkage of SHGs under SGSY scheme in Sira Taluk. Under the program MOTHER formed 19 SHGs and after one year all the groups got loan from banks and subsidy from ZP.

For a period of 5 years, MOTHER struggled a lot for existence, many were there to drag our foot, as we don’t bribe them and no politicians involvement in our works. Just we moved like an Elephant... Came to conclusion that to reach poor people economic development activities are needed. 

For that full time employees were needed... Upto 5 years the founder and other 2 directors served full time without salary. During 2000, Swashakti Project granted by the Women and Child Development Corporation, Bangalore. It was aimed empowerment of rural women through promotion and nurturing of 50 SHGs in Sira Taluk. Using try and try method...We reached 25 remote villages through that program.

From there the foundation was constructed for improvement of the Organization..

In 2001 & 02 initiated 3 years Watershed development, 4 years Tank Rehabilitation for integrated development of the community, In 2003 & 2004 2 years SHG promotion, 4 years Tank rehabilitation, In 2005 initiated 3 years Biomass energy project & 3 years Swasthh plus project for awareness programs, In 2006 initiated 4 years watershed development, 6 years tribal development, 2007 initiated 5 years watershed development, 2009 and 11 initiated Organic programs, in 2013 initiated 2.6 years integrated watershed management project and awareness generation programs for women,  with regular activities. 

Now we can proudly say, 
• In a span of 20 years we have implemented around 50 programs for welfare of rural poor. 
• Have experience in 4 Districts of Karnataka. Reached all the villages (382) of Sira Taluk, 49 villages of Pavagada Taluk, 11 villages of Gubbi Taluk in Tumkur District, 9 villages of Hiriyur Taluk of Chitradurga District, 10 villages of Kundgol Taluk of Dharwad District and 120 villages of Bangalore Rural District.
• Conducted awareness programs on Health and hygiene in all the villages of Sira Taluk.
• Around 8000 women are having their own income generation activities.
• Organic production in a village has a profit of Rs.50 lakh/- in last four years.
• 1000 poor farming families are having Horticulture Orchard for sustainable livelihood.
• 1039 SHGs are functioning under the MOTHER.
• Construction of 450 Sanitory units for village people.
• Functional literacy programs for women in 40 villages....... etc