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A single step towards self sustainance has opened doors for economic growth

Enhancement of assets and income sources resemble the economic growth of a family. A little step towards economic development may result tremendously. Smt Lakshmidevi W/o Narasimhappa, resident of Rangasamudra is a best example to explain this.

She took Rs.30000/- loan under Tribal development Project’s soft loan program for purchase of cow in 2010. Sold 15 ltr milk per day to the local milk dairy and repaid all the loan in 15 months. One more cow added to her family in 2012, through Rs.35000/- loan and cleared the loan in another 15 months.  

From the savings made through milk sale, they have drilled borewell for growing Ragi, Paddy and vegetable. Daily expenditure is being maintained by floriculture in a small patch of land. Addition to these rearing 10 sheep. 

In 2010, she had no other income source except growing Ragi in her field. In 2014 she has multiple income sources. A single step towards self sustainability has opened door for economic growth.

She says “NABARD and MOTHER are there behind my success. Their guidance in very much valuable for me”.

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