Multipurpose Organization for Training, Health, Education and Rehabitation

Legal Status

Is a Not-For-Profit NGO registered under Karnataka State Societies Registration Act 1960 at District Registrar, Tumkur. Registration Number is SOC 1/95-96 and registered on 04.04.1995.

It is also registered with Ministry of Home affairs under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) - No. is 094640056

12 A Registration : T-261/ 92/ 12A/ CIT/ DVG/ 02-03 dated : 07.03.2003

 All donations to MOTHER are tax-deductible allowed under 80G Income Tax Law of India – 80G Registration No. DIT(E)/ BLR/ 80G(R)/ 55/ AABTM0381M/ ITO(E)-2/ Vol 2013-14 D:19.11.2013

 PAN No. is AABTM0381M

Professional Tax registration No. : 3201260-3 dated : 01.12.2005

TAN Registration No. is BLRM21466E

 Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Registration No. : KN/PNY/72056 : 01.06.2013

Board of Directors

President : Dr.Vijayalakshmi Hebbare

Secretary : Mr. S H Veerabhaskar

Treasurer : Mr.Ranganath.B

Director : Mrs.Kamalakshi V V

Director : Mrs.Sharada.T

Director : Mr. Narayana M S

Director : Mr.Kallappa C

Director : Mr. Nagaraju.K

Director : Mr. Kumar D