Multipurpose Organization for Training, Health, Education and Rehabitation

Back ground : Nai Roshni - The Scheme for Leadership Development of Minority Women formulated by the Ministry of Minorities in 2011-12. Implementation commenced from 2012-13.

Main objectives of the scheme is to empower and instill confidence among minority women, including their neighbours from other communities living in the same village/locality, by providing knowledge, tools and techniques for interacting with Government systems, banks and other institutions at all levels. And.. Empowerment of women from the minority communities and emboldening them to move out of the confines of their home and community and assume leadership roles and assert their rights, collectively or individually, in accessing services, facilities, skills, and opportunities besides claiming their due share of development benefits of the Government for improving their lives and living conditions.

Target Group includes women belonging to all minorities notified under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 viz. Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis).

Implementation : MOTHER got sanctioned 5 non-residential training each of 6 days for 2013-14 under the scheme. Communication, Leadership, Lifeskills and home management were the integral part of the training. Department schemes, PRI and Government mechanism, Fair Price shop, RTI, women issues and laws, health and hygiene, sexual health education were the subjects covered.

Exposure to the Local Departments on the last day of each training made them more confident to approach the departments with any hesitation. 

Below are the trainees..

List of Nai Roshini Trainees (2013-14)
Type of Training                        : Non Residential    
SL No.Name of Women TraineeAgeFather/Guardian/husband nameAddress of TraineeEducational QualificationAnnual Parental/ Family IncomeAadhar No.Name of Community
1qurathullain40KhasimAlIPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th15000219575103514Muslim
2Shahinabanu45Syhed chandpashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -12000243140250733Muslim
3Khalida banu45W/o AmanullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th13000489743573787Muslim
4Kausar banu35w/o Sibgat ullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th10000724161065782Muslim
5Gowhar jan55w/o Lt buden khanPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th16000304931474157Muslim
6SIrajunnisa30w/o Ahamedulla qureshiPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th14000445712093982Muslim
7Mahaboob jan19D/o AmanullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th13000557828527090Muslim
8Jubedabi46w/o Nisar ahemedPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -12000455319829707Muslim
9Hasiba banu20w/o chandpashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th16000759950871876Muslim
10Mehar taj46w/o sikanadar pashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District3rd11000720076320028Muslim
11Haseena35JabiullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -14000323456220918Muslim
12Musarath salma18H ismail sabPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th15000914264993465Muslim
13Farida khanum35w/o  Jahanhahgeer pashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District8th10000516537437320Muslim
14Sadat unnisa18D/O AmanullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th14000803320380036Muslim
15Shakila banu35w/o Syhed majidPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th140009133417083691Muslim
16Masarath begam35w/o S.ArifPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th16000343921418764Muslim
17Thahera50w/o Mahaboob sabPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -10000SYW3211703Muslim
18Mohinddin40w/o  Ismail sabPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th14000405474599930Muslim
19Naseemabanu35w/o Mahaboob pashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th16000385045502035Muslim
20Nazima banu22w/o Sadiq pashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th14000458955742014Muslim
21Shabina banu30w/o Mubarak KhanPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th15000748382788267Muslim
22Sahera22w/o IrfanPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th13000394640998330Muslim
23Rajiyabi50w/o Chowdary mahaboob pashaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th16000641310346493Muslim
24Aphipha banu30w/o Syhed shakeelPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District8th15000231311269783Muslim
25Fahima40Mahamed samiullaPark Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th14000469059761245Muslim
26Riazunnisa45W/o Abdul BasheerBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -20000218312864937Muslim
27Raziyabanu32W/o Nasir KhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th15000866817980698Muslim
28Khamrunnisa28W/o BabuBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th10000325575327165Muslim
29Mahaboob Jan30W/o Mubarak PashaBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -15000917492591012Muslim
30Hajirabi52W/o Abdul JalilsabBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -12000508441202452Muslim
31Fahmida40W/o Syed SamiullaBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District4th10000784883743135Muslim
32Mubeena38W/o KathbuddinBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th12000938664845697Muslim
33Jabeena Khanum33W/o Shabbir AhmedBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District6th 708866585590Muslim
34Nazeeyabanu29W/o AmjathkhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District9th15000779335838716Muslim
35Shamida Begam35W/o Jabeeulla KhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -10000231176471035Muslim
36Samreen Sultan20D/o Jabeeulla KhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District9th10000887448150758Muslim
37Makbul Jan25W/o Ayas baigBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -8000952187251565Muslim
38Fathima50W/o Kuddus SabBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -15000586770282172Muslim
39Hasinabanu35W/o Lt. KhayyamBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -15000393211164740Muslim
40Mujibunnisa35W/o Abdul JabbarBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District -16000802012251850Muslim
41Farida33W/o Syed Navab JanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District6th11000476505954919Muslim
42Ruksanabanu19W/o Ghouse KhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th10000371821680937Muslim
43Shakilabanu38W/o Mohamed BasheerBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th15000258928783630Muslim
44Thamkin Banu34W/o Basha MohiddinBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th10000711244972204Muslim
45Nasimunnisa39W/o Fayaz AhamedBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District10th10000328627287204Muslim
46Balakisbanu46W/o Mahamed ShafillaBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District2nd14000434563752964Muslim
47Mahaboob Jan43W/o Nayaz AhamedBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th14000455821545968Muslim
48Ruhina40W/o Liyakath KhanBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District5th15000721122501792Muslim
49Anees Fathima35W/o Muhahit PashaBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District7th12000232811712195Muslim
50Jaibunnisa55W/o Lt Abdul JamirBegam Mohalla, Sira, Tumkur District3rd11000901819525322Muslim
51Yasmeen Taj25D/o SabrunnisaHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistII PUC20000408766622278Muslim
52Aminabee45W/o Basha saabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -9000485814497061Muslim
53Mahabubjan35W/o Syed Baba janHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist3rd11000313569067641Muslim
54Kathumbee55W/o Mohamed Khadar sabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -12000313904301275Muslim
55Zeenath Unnisa55W/o Inayath UllaHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th10000416027604097Muslim
56Reshma Khanum25W/o Mohammed AdamHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th12000869816431594Muslim
57Farzana Banu20D/o Inayath UllaHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th10000448934695322Muslim
58Pharwin35W/o AhemmedHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -10000408061238728Muslim
59Zareen Taj47W/o Lt.Buden SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -15000349634278898Muslim
60Rihana45W/o Ahamed SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -12000846655201687Muslim
61Shameem Taj40W/o Lt. Nawab JanHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th10000977331150045Muslim
62Shahina24W/o Najir BegHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th10000779335518299Muslim
63Nayim Unnisa30W/o KhalandarHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -12000249163516698Muslim
64Sahera Banu22W/o NizamHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th10000613146098800Muslim
65Sufiyabi40W/o Shaik Salar SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -12000621799266240Muslim
66Mohasina30W/o Shaik Salar SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th15000773840386146Muslim
67Fareeda Unnisa45W/o Inayath UllaHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th13000218911428124Muslim
68Guljar Bhanu38W/o Mehaboob KhanHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th20000255891183428Muslim
69Sapurabi40W/o Basha sabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th10000783908365412Muslim
70Parveen Banu25W/o Yusuf SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist6th10000306099600363Muslim
71A S Rehan Parveen24D/o Lt Abdul Rahim SabHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistBA10000804128668919Muslim
72Fathimabi45W/o Abdul RahimHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th13000651524735189Muslim
73Shamshad Unnisa42W/o Samee ulla khanHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th13000404249725397Muslim
74Khathijabi46W/o Abdul AposHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -10000710792838982Muslim
75Sabarunnisa45W/o Lt T K Makthiyar AhamedHonnenahally, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th9000710964560739Muslim
76Dishad.S20D/o ShafiullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC12000666397141934Muslim
77Shabeena Banu18D/o JabiullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC9000349378668061Muslim
78Reshmabanu25w/o ShamshadeenBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC10000209616469839Muslim
79Mamtaj B45W/o MunavarsabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist9th 13000763898460476Muslim
80Sabirabanu45W/o DastigirsaabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -15000201956287383Muslim
81Tabasina19D/o VajirsabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th 14000561148107003Muslim
82Salma25W/o JafarBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th12000906637314164Muslim
83Asma Banu24D/o Abdul BasheerBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist6th15000542067390147Muslim
84Thamannabanu30W/o AfeezullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC10000555777947894Muslim
85Mamthaj35W/o DastigirsaabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist6th14000347976991587Muslim
86Parvin Taj28W/o DastigirsaabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC10000565552153947Muslim
87Shahijaan50W/o PyarajaansabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th 12000720580167042Muslim
88Khamarunnisa46W/o Inayath SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th 12000SPC 1236017Muslim
89Syedabanu35W/o Munavar PashaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th40000231400697221Muslim
90Nazima26W/o AlamBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistPUC15000913476784054Muslim
91Mamathaja28W/o SamiullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th14000269922928702Muslim
92Sadika Banu19D/o AmanullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC10000774525349773Muslim
93Chandini18D/o Syed PajalBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th10000370531438436Muslim
94Nagmabanu20D/o MubeenaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC12000820325691501Muslim
95Shaheena Banu19D/o NoorJanBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th15000525823379673Muslim
96Asma  24W/o Mohamad GhouseBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th 12000237448718390Muslim
97Shathaj Banu35W/o SyedbabuBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist4th10000644389958866Muslim
98Ashabi38W/o Nanna husen SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -12000RC-No.SRAR00129401Muslim
99NaginaBanu50W/o Anwar SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist6th14000925151151079Muslim
100Banu Wajeeha35W/o Lathief SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC14000708682325076Muslim
101Shabina Banu30W/o Bhasha SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th30000SPC1235746Muslim
102Mohasina Banu20D/o Babajan SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistSSLC20000SPC2306454Muslim
103Hasina Banu25Abdul Basheer SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th18000871364296085Muslim
104Rubiya Basriya24W/o Musthak PashaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th8000889124908531Muslim
105Shamshad Banu40W/o Rahamath UllaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th18000361088131812Muslim
106Khursheed Unnisa50W/o ShafiullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist2nd20000280267823972Muslim
107Nazima Banu21D/o Syed SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th14000692725136985Muslim
108Guljar Unnisa40W/o Abdul JaleelBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th13000JQJ2302013Muslim
109Samina Banu22W/o EbrahimBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th17000SPC2170058Muslim
110Faridabanu40W/o AthaullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th30000KT/7/053/0096783Muslim
111Jarena Taj50W/o Mujabil SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist7th30000SPC1235431Muslim
112Jarina Banu33W/o Buden SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th25000258339500127Muslim
113Ashabi50W/o Saiyad MujamilBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -8000329903903088Muslim
114Pharhana30W/o Navab SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th18000TYA3346053Muslim
115Jubeda Khantum58W/o Syed MunafBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th9000252978766324Muslim
116HeenaKouser B M20D/o Khaleel SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur DistBA16000SPC2318426Muslim
117Meher Taj20W/o AmanullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist9th17000SPC2044113Muslim
118Mushthara Unnisa42W/o SirajaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -14000665481068297Muslim
119ShakilaBanu48W/o Abdul Rahim SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist -20000701829639240Muslim
120Jabeena25W/o SannaullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th13000528186746702Muslim
121Salmabanu22D/o Ibrahim SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist8th35000266091948442Muslim
122Naginabanu40W/o S S JabiullaBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th18000827270995927Muslim
123Althamasa27W/o NasirahamadBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist10th18000JQJ2302206Muslim
124Jarin Taj60W/o BabuSabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist5th15000KT/7/0530096774Muslim
125Sadath Unnisa19D/o B Mohamaddin SabBukkapatna, Sira Tq, Tumkur Dist(BCom)11000SPC2317543Muslim