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Bringing value to the tradition

To support traditional silk handlooms, the Madakari FPO has put a exhibition cum sales stall at NABARD premises, Bangalore on 13.08.2021. We are grateful to NABARD for providing such a good opportunity to showcase the handloom sarees of Y.N.Hosakote.


In the view of farmers' drudgery reduction, our Kaayakalpa FPO has availed a tractor and ploughing equipment from Agriculture Department under Krishi Yantra Dhaare Scheme.

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Protect- Secure- Preserve: COVID- 19 Response 

“Under Oxfam’s PSP project, MOTHER given an opportunity to the Salugatte Farmers Producer Organization to supply required Ragi flour, Dhaniya Powder and Chilli powder for distribution of dry food kit to the poor people. It was a good opportunity for the FPO in purchasing, cleaning, milling and packing of the purchased agriculture commodities like dry chillies, coriander seeds, Ragi etc. This benefited the farmers (who have sold his agriculture produce he has grown), the workers(who are involved in purchasing of the produce), the owner of the mill(who have milled the given produce), the workers(who have packed the milled produce), FPO vehicle( in which the food kit has taken and distribution door to door) and finally the beneficiaries(who are received the food kit)” said Parameshwar, CEO of Salugatte FPO.

In association with the OXFAM INDIA, Orissa distributed dry ration kits to 807 needy families in Sira, Pavagada, Kolar and Bangalore urban areas. Each kit contained Rice 10kg, Atta 5kg, 1 Kg Chana dal, 1 Kg Soya bean crunch, Oil 1 litre, Chili powder 100g, Haldi powder 100g 1 packet salt, sugar 1kg, 6 Lifebuoy bath soap, 6 Rin soap and 5 masks per family. The Salugatte FPO involved in preparation of chilli powder, Ragi flour and Dhaniya Powder.

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