Community Development

Community development is a socio-economic program aimed at development and re construction of rural society. MOTHER believes that rural community can develop meaningfully only if environmental sustainability and social equity are guaranteed. Hence, in addition with other activities assisting themselves to manage their social aspects also. Programs under community development are cultural programs, training programs, health and hygiene, women development, child welfare programs, festivals celebration and infrastructure development activities since beginning.


  • Capacity building for transfer of technology training programs

  • COVID 19 Relief programs

  • DBT Survey

  • Internet Saathi

  • Socio economic development program

  • Thanda awareness programs

  • Nai Roshni

  • Awareness generation camps

  • Supplementary Nutritional food

  • FGD under Local Accountability Project to increase local health care accountability

  • Survey of schools

  • Health Insurance

  • School water and sanitation survey

  • Swasthh Plus

  • Art and Culture

  • School AIDS Education

  • Bonded Labour Survey

  • Child Labour Survey