We are committed to the belief that every individual holds equal worth and should be given equal opportunities. Our primary objective is to empower the rural poor through various initiatives such as awareness programs, creating self-employment opportunities, and promoting diversified agriculture. We strongly believe that by imparting knowledge and providing resources, we can uplift the disadvantaged communities and enable them to make informed choices for a better future. Through our efforts, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and help individuals thrive both economically and socially.

MOTHER is your platform to make a difference to the lives of rural poor women and farmers. It is not for hitting the target, but to help more people.

By investing / contributing for the activities MOTHER, you will be

  • a part of an effort made for well being of entire family of benefited women or farmer.

  • a partner in the process of creating a new future.

  • a motivator for poverty reduction.

Donations to MOTHER are entitled to tax benefits under Section 80G of Income tax Act.


  • MOTHER is a Not-For-Profit NGO registered under KSR Act 1960 at District Registrar, Tumkur. Registration

  • Number is SOC 1/95-96 & Registered on 04.04.1995

  • NITI Aayog registration No.KA/2009/0006327

  • Registered with Ministry of Home Affairs under Foreign Contribution regulation Act(FCRA). No. is 094640056

  • MOTHER is exempted from payment of income tax under 12A : Registration Number is AABTM0381ME20017

  • All donations to MOTHER are tax exempted under 80G - Registration No. Is AABTM0381MF20213

  • PAN No. : AABTM0381M,

  • TAN No. is BLRM21466E

  • Registration for undertaking CSR activities: CSR00015725

  • GST Registration No. : 29AABTM0381M1Z9.

“20 years, from Days of Starvation to Contentment. Today my grandchildren go to school” - Rangamma

One evening, 50-year-old Rangamma, standing, amidst her herd of goats, recalls her days of struggle, 20 years ago.

“Born into a family of landless labourers, I used to work for long hours on agricultural lands to sustain my family. However, the income I earned wasn’t sufficient to run my household. While my struggle continued, MOTHER, a new organization then, in Pavagada taluk extended their support, and helped me buy two cows. This changed my life for the better. I started earning more than I used to and I returned the money to MOTHER. I started sending my daughters to school. However, I knew I had to continue to work hard for my daughters’ bright future. And then again, MOTHER further helped me to buy goats. And ever since I never had to turn back to those days of struggle. Today I have built a house for myself, and got my daughters married.

What makes me even happier is my grandchildren are going to school, and this assures me they would never have to struggle like I did. My journey isn’t the only one, there are at least 50 other women, who MOTHER helped, and they all have an unbelievable journey.”

An emotional Rangamma says, “20 years, from days of starvation to contentment, today my grandchildren goes to school”.