Natural Resource Management

For the survival of all living beings, natural resources play a crucial role. Soil and water are the two fundamental resources that are vital for terrestrial life. In rural areas, agriculture is a way of life for the majority of people. Soil and water are particularly important for agriculture. It is necessary to prevent soil erosion and improve its fertility. When it comes to water usage in agriculture, there are two types of irrigation methods: surface irrigation and groundwater irrigation. Proper management of water resources is highly significant in surface irrigation. It is essential to focus on water body management and effective rainwater conservation. Therefore, since 2002, MOTHER has been dedicated to soil and water conservation and water management programs.


  • Devarathorehalla Sujala Sub watershed Development Program

  • Karnataka Community Based Tank Management project -1

  • Green Power Project

  • Bennehalla Sujala Sub-watershed Development Program

  • Karnataka Community Based Tank Management project -2

  • Salugatte Nala Subwatershed Development Project

  • Suvarnamukhi SUJALA II RIDF Sub Watershed Development Program

  • Integrated Watershed Management Program – Phase III to VI

  • Integrated farming system

  • Soil Project

  • Integrated Water Management system through watershed approach

  • Restoring promise of water through rejuvenation of water bodies

  • REWARD Project